Breast Cancer Awareness and the Importance of Benefit Events

Breast cancer awareness has been pioneered by the families and friends of those affected by this disease. Early on, the lack of an organizing motivating force made breast cancer an issue that not many people had heard of, so it did not receive much attention from the medical establishment.

The Evolution of Breast Cancer Awareness and Fundraising

However, due to the efforts of individuals and concerned groups, the medical community, as well as the public, has placed the disease in the forefront. Much of the money to fight the disease and raise awareness comes from benefit events organized by large, well-established foundations devoted to breast cancer awareness, prevention, and cure.

However, individuals play a real part in fundraising both by organizing events themselves to donate to their chosen breast cancer causes or in support of one of the well-organized breast cancer foundations.

Support and Solace through Benefit Events

Breast cancer is such an impactful disease that these events also serve as a conduit for families and friends of those most affected by breast cancer to come together and find solace in their active participation in these events. In many cases, these events are formed, participated in, and supported by a network of friends and families. Even the large, well-established foundations had this humble but very effective start.

Choosing the Right Event and Organization

Those who are just experiencing the disease may wonder how to find events to attend that best suit their abilities, interests, and sometimes logistics. There are benefits to attending events of large organizations, as these organizations have to disclose information about how their organizations are run, who benefits, and how much of the money donated is given to the actual cause versus operating costs, taxes expenditures, and other pertinent information. However, this is not to discourage grassroots organizing by individuals. People giving to foundations and participating in events should do their due diligence in determining scam organizations as well as poorly run ones of any size.

Collaboration with Reputable Organizations

Organizations understand the power of individuals and tailor events accordingly. One such credible and esteemed organization fighting breast cancer is the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF). They allow individuals to host events sponsored by their organization. They honor the efforts of the individuals, groups, and organizations giving to the NBCF events by branding their efforts as well as the program Catalysts for Hope.

Discovering Events Based on Personal Interests

Finding a breast cancer event is a Google search away, but sometimes events can be found according to a person’s interests. For example, active and athletic people can find multiple breast cancer events organized around running or walking. Walks or runs for cures are effective means of organizing and fundraising, and some famous ones exist by popular national organizations.

Popular Athletic Events for Breast Cancer Awareness

The Susan G. Komen organization has a 3-Day marathon event and a very famous walking event. Additionally, Avon and Revlon have walk and run events that help raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research and support. By participating in these events or creating your own, you can join the fight against breast cancer and contribute to a brighter future for those affected by this disease.

Exploring Other Types of Events and Initiatives

Aside from athletic events, there are many other types of breast cancer awareness events and initiatives that cater to different interests and skills. Some examples include art exhibitions, charity auctions, bake sales, and even online fundraising campaigns. By identifying your interests and strengths, you can find or create an event that not only raises awareness and funds for breast cancer research and support but also provides a rewarding and fulfilling experience for everyone involved.