What Is Tailored Medicine and How Effective Is It?

Tailored medicine or personalized medicine as it is known by most people is a very new technique. It is being used by doctors to treat rare diseases or the advanced diseases that are non-responsive to the old treatment strategy. The treatment option derives its name from the fact that your doctor will ‘tailor’ a treatment plan based on your genetic composition, the environment you are exposed to and the family history among other important aspects that affect your health. With this information, the doctor comes up with a treatment plan that is suitable to your body.


How Tailored Medicine Works

In most cases, tailored medicine starts with a genetic test. This is done by taking a blood sample or some saliva. The doctor then looks at your genome to determine the best procedures that will be used to treat you. In cases of cancer, the doctor will take a sample of the tumor cells to study them while comparing to your genes to determine any outstanding difference. Personalized Medicine is used to treat diseases like breast, lung and colon cancers, some rare childhood illnesses and HIV/AIDS among other ailments. Environmental factors are very critical when determining the best treatment option. You may have the same genetic composition with your relatives to some extent, but they remain healthy while you end up sick. The doctor will study other things like environmental factors such as pollution and the effect it may have on your disease susceptibility.


Benefits of Personalized Medicine

Although the field of personalized medicine is still acing challenges, its benefits are undeniable. For any patient who has undergone the treatment option, they can attest to the fact that this form of treatment improves trust between the patient and the doctors. The hospitals will stop relying on reactive medical practices and focus more on preventive medicine. Personalized treatment options have also given rise to pharmacogenetics; this is where the pharmaceutical farms and chemists sell medicine to patients based on their genetic composition. Personalized medicine is in one way or the other the mother of molecular drugs that are being manufactured today by pharmaceutical companies. The side effect of treatment will be mainly reduced when tailored treatment is given a chance. It will also be easy to determine the kind of therapy that is effective for each patient. With progress in this field of personalized care, the perception of the medical area will change.

Is Tailored Medicine Right for You?

Some people respond very well to standard medicine, if you are one of these people, then stick to usual medication. But if you have an aggressive disease like cancer that has become non-responsive to other treatment option, then go for tailored medicine. The doctors will get to dig deeper and understand why the standard treatments are not working or you. For have a family history of cancer or rare childhood diseases, go for a regular checkup. The doctor will determine if based on your medical history and family history; you are in need of personalized medicine. Nevertheless, you are free to ask your doctor to consider your genetic composition when prescribing drugs for you.

Tailored medicine will save the patients lots of money. The current approach of medical would always leave the patient very drained financially mainly because the drugs prescribed are some kind of trial and error thing, if the first prescription doesn’t work, then you are forced to get a different drug.